Fruits & Veggies
Fresh fruits and produce
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit  
Juice boxes
Shelf-stable fruit cups
Tomato/spaghetti sauce
Vegetable cooking spray
Cranberry sauce 
Whole grain bread, pasta, and rice products
Saltine crackers
Mac & cheese mix 
Cereal - low sugar/high fiber 
Shelf-stable milk
Dry milk 
Sliced or shredded cheese
Frozen meat 
Canned tuna, salmon, chicken
Canned soup or beef stew
Canned or dry beans/peas
Peanut butter 
Chicken and beef broth 
Ranch salad dressing
Splenda/Sweet N Low
Coffee mugs
Paper products
Ziplog bags - all sizes 
Gift cards for Market Basket or Stop & Shop
To donate these items, please call 978-681-8768 or drop them off between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. 

Contributions by check can be sent to: Bread & Roses, 58 Newbury Street, Lawrence, MA 01840.  Your contributions are 100% tax deductible.


Become a Partner or a Meal Provider

CRITICAL NEEDS  for our meals & pantry
Join the ranks of the many respected companies in the Merrimack Valley that are meeting their philanthropic goals by contributing monetary gifts or large quantities of pantry items. These large donations make a tremendous difference in keeping food supplies at the ready and to maintain our facility.

Business Partnerships

Gift & Tribute Donations 

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CRITICAL NEEDS for community outreach

Men's socks, all sizes (new)
Men's underwear, all sizes (new)
Women's underwear, all sizes (new)
AA, AAA, and D batteries 
Garbage bags
Sanitary wipes/moist towelettes
Bottled water
Travel size toiletries
Seasonal - summer
Men's tank tops (new or gently used)
Basketball shorts (new or gently used)
Sneakers, all sizes (new or gently used)
Baseball caps 
Bug spray
Seasonal - winter
Winter gloves
Winter hats
To donate these items, please call 978-681-8768 or drop them off between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. 
Churches, non-profit groups, and larger organizations can help by providing cooked meals, pantry supplies, or ingredients for our dinner menus. Please contact one of our food coordinators, Jean or Heather, at 978-681-8768 for details on our current needs.

Honor someone special with a gift  or tribute donation! It's easy - just provide the name and contact information on our secure donation form- and we will send an E-Card or printed card (depending on your instruction) notifying the recipient of your donation! Note: The field to enter the name and contact info of the recipient will come up after the donation is complete.
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