58 Newbury Street Lawrence, MA 01840
978-681-8768 breadandroses2@gmail.com
Grab & Go meals are distributed from our front porch 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm:
We are closed on Fridays and Sundays.
58 Newbury Street Lawrence MA 01840 USA

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Families and individuals in need of food can receive up to three days of food for each household member.  Please call 978.681.8768
Monday - Thursday
11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Toiletries and clothing are also available upon request.
We do not offer food pantry items Friday - Sunday.

About Us

For the people hear us singing:
"Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!
Hearts starve as well as bodies;
give us bread, but give us roses!"

Our History

Our name expresses our solidarity with all who struggle for food and dignity in their lives. We strive to be a center of hospitality where “bread” is available to all and where the beauty and dignity of each person, is valued.
Our Mission
Bread & Roses is a soup kitchen located in the center of Lawrence, MA - known as "The Immigrant City." Founded in 1980, our primary purpose is to ease hardship in our community by providing meals, pantry services and other supports to the Lawrence community. Our community outreach programs deliver over 600,000 pounds of food every year to those in need.
We serve those living on benefits, low income families, seniors, veterans, recent immigrants, and individuals experiencing homelessness. All are welcome to partake of a community meal or take food home, along with clothing and toiletries, in a peaceful, friendly environment. Completely supported by private donations, we are guided by a spirit of hospitality, nonviolence, and respect for the dignity of each person who comes through our door.

We have long been a center of hope and caring for thousands in the Merrimack Valley struggling for survival. From the beginning, people of all different creeds, backgrounds and experiences have joined us as dinner guests, volunteers, and donors. We welcome this diversity, realizing that the coming together of so many is the first step in breaking down barriers and creating a community based on sharing, love, peace and justice.

Our History

Our name, Bread & Roses, comes from the title of a song written about the 1912 Lawrence Mill Strike. The song sings of the courageous women who participated in strikes, calling for bread for themselves and their starving families.

- 1912 Bread & Roses Strike Song